I know it can seem daunting to choose outfits, but I have some tips to help you look good and feel good for your session. Most of my tips are really just about what to do to avoid distracting from what these photos are really about - which is you. I’m not even kind of an expert (I wear zero makeup and baggy tees most days) but I’ve done lots of shoots and have learned what works well and what doesn’t - so here we go.



be you

Literally just be yourself and wear something that’s true to you. Wear stuff that’s already in your closet - something that’s broken in and something you’d actually wear on any given day. A lot of people feel like they need to dress up, but that’s not the case at allllll. I actually love when couples go super, super casual. If you want to wear a dress and full make-up - go for it. If you want to wear mom jeans and go barefoot - go for it. Literally whatever feels good to you. I want you to be comfortable, so try not to wear something that you’re going to be messing with or adjusting constantly like those cute new pants you love but have to hike up every thirty seconds to avoid your buttcrack showing (no shade to buttcracks if you want buttcrack pics I’m down). This isn’t about how I want your photos to look, it’s about how you want to look and feel in your photos. If your partner is used to wearing comfy shirts and sandals, then they’ll probably be a little uncomfortable in a button-up and dress shoes. If you want to look comfortable and genuine in the photos, you have to wear stuff that’s comfortable and genuine to you. You feel me?


Consider the weather and location for your shoot and make sure that what you’re planning to wear makes sense. If it’s winter, it might look a little funny if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress. Not only that, but you’ll probably be freezing and hating your life haha. If we’re in the desert, wearing multiple layers will probably just ensure some gnarly pit-stains. If we’re on the beach, go barefoot and wear stuff that you don’t mind getting a little sandy. You get it. You just want your outfits to compliment the environment you’re in rather than stand out and distract from it.




For the most part, I suggest sticking to neutrals and earthy-tones. I don’t just mean like beige and brown - earth tones can be rust orange, mustard yellow, sage green, navy blue, etc. Just stay away from super bright or fluorescent colors because they can be really distracting. The only colors I recommend avoiding are bright or bold pinks, bright oranges, and red. Unless you have darker or more olive-toned skin, these colors can end up making your skin look funky, so be aware of that! Try to avoid big, crazy patterns and pairing too many patterns together. The smaller and more subtle, the better. Also, ironing or steaming your clothes can be super helpful, so that there aren’t big wrinkles distracting from your faces!

make sure you can move

Back to the buttcrack pants - wear stuff that you can move around in easily! I’m probably going to ask you to run around, sit down, dance a little, etc., so keep that in mind when you’re choosing what to wear (are you stoked yet or what???). More flowy stuff not only allows you to move, but the wind can pick them up and the movement it shows can make photos look 100x cooler in my opinion. 




I always suggest bringing options that I can help you choose from and figure out what will work best. But try not to bring your whole closet so we don’t take away from our shooting time! Most people bring 3-4 options for bottoms and 3-4 options for tops, along with dresses, accessories, jackets, and whatever else you want.


bring accessories

I love when people bring hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc. It’s fun to have options to spice things up if you want to. The only thing I recommend avoiding is wearing watches because they can distract from your faces when I’m shooting close up! Props are awesome but can be a little tricky. I try to stay away from most signs, letterboards, and chalkboards because I find them hard to incorporate in a way that’s not super cheesy, but I’m totally down for you bringing a picnic blanket (even a picnic meal!), your pets, a cool car or motorcycle, a campfire, a bouquet, your skateboards, whatever you like. Ask me if you have any ideas that you’re not sure about.



Basically all of the above applies for in-home sessions, but, at the risk of sounding scandalous, I usually say the more skin showing the better. I don’t mean you have to be naked, but it usually just looks more realistic when you’re not wearing a jacket and shoes inside (unless you do that, in which case I suggest turning up your AC). If your partner wants to go shirtless cause that’s how he usually walks around the house - heck yeah let’s do it. But definitely don’t feel the need to show more skin than you’re comfortable showing! Just whatever feels good to you.



Are you wondering if you should schedule a professional hair and make-up appointment beforehand? Here’s my advice. If that will make you feel like a million bucks, then absolutely do it. Good hair and make-up can look awesome - but don’t feel like you need to. I’ve had several girls show up to shoots trying to fix their make-up or take out 400 bobby pins because they don’t feel like themselves. If it’s not you, don’t do it. Do whatever will make you feel your best.



That’s all I have. Feel free to ask me any more questions or send me photos of outfits you’re considering because I’m always down to help. Overall, just wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. A ratty pair of high-tops you’ve had since middle school? Yes please. A beanie you basically sleep in? Love it. A sweater you wear daily that your mom thinks is frumpy? Sounds great. You do you, and I promise you’ll love your photos that much more for it.